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Green Tea Series-Healthy Care, Easy for Everyday
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Green Tea Series-Healthy Care, Easy for Everyday

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Tea is a deep and timeless culture. China is the homeland of tea, the world's first country to plant tea and use tea . Tea can be maintain body fitness, can cultivate character, can refresh mind. Tea can improve self-cultivation, can detoxify the body.  Popularities of Tea are fully embodied in poems and paintings in which show its position in Chinese people’s mind. Return to nature, back into the mountains, pick tea and taste tea, the two things bring you to a wonderful mood, taste the essence of tea culture.

Green tea is a tea without leavening, is Chinese traditional drink, known as “National Drink”.  

Green tea keeps large amount of natural nutritious, contains rich polyphenols, chlorophyl and Vitamins, the latest scientific study proved that green tea has a good effect on anti-aging, prevent cancer, fights bacteria and inflammation.

Green tea is fresh and green, has a good effect on oxidation, composure, if take it for a long time could refresh and strengthen the brain, reduce stress.

Green tea was written down as a herbal medicine in the first Chinese medical book “Shen Nong’s Chinese Mareria Medica” 

In “Herbal Medica” wrote by Chen Cangqi, famous medical scientist of Tang Dynasty:  “Tea could cure the diseases like medicine.”



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